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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Is a unique creature looking like a wolf not only by appearance, but also by a fragile soul and honest heart. Wolf gave him a touch of strength, endurance, patience and boundless devotion to the pack. And the German Shepherd then affection for man, faith in his goodness and wisdom of choice of issuing commands.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog can be a riddle as well as an easy-read-book. It depends on how much are you willing to learn by reading.

SHARGOO started the very rich history of kennel Waawanyanka. In certain way, he started the history of our lives. He was our first Wolfdog. By pedigree named AGAR MORUŠOVÝ HÁJ, which he also confirmed by signature on every corner stone, tree or shrub that he considered his territory. But to us, he was just Shargoo. Shargoo, whom in addition to the listed items, inscribed an indelible footprint deep into our hearts.

We did not chose him after spending entire days or hours over the results of productivity of successful kennels. We wanted a spirit of nature, and indeed, we found each other in this sense. We did not go for him with the ambition to "grab" a champion, but to find a companion on the road of over technological and over populated Word. We did not go after the beauty of the puppy, but just let all of the puppies to sniff us, test us and try us out. The one, which we, God knows why, attracted, we never let go. By a matter of fate, it was the same one, which mister Karl Hartl picked for us by previous phone call of announcing, we shall come to that particular kennel. This gentleman (rather to say The Gentleman) we owe much. If it were not him, there would be no life of us with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

When we much later speculated over our kennel name, we automatically came to the "Shargoo". It fit absolutely. But finally, we fell back, being afraid, that much later, each time we would say his name, the raw scar in our heart would come alive, though he shall keep on sleeping forever. The scar, which can not be vanished even by the best plastic surgeon. The one, which can not be washed away by the river of time. Therefore, we chose a neutral name:

WAAWANYANKA - The one, who watches over you (Lakota language). In our case, it is true on both sides.

And we did not stay by one dog, we gradually expanded. Our second dog became ASET VOODOO WOLF Z PERONÓWKI. The promoter of our line. We found a way to her, when Shargoo became lonely. He understood our words but did not understand us. This understanding he could find by another Wolfdog, we hoped. The choice of her breeders fell on the people, who we keep appreciate. We benefit till today from all, what they put in the little Voodoo that time.
During the "choice", we proceeded just as in Shargoo's case. We let her to choose us. Respectively, Shargoo participated on this selection, to be exact. Voodoo hung on to him, and never uncouple. Ever since, she was ours. And gave sense to begin with establishing our kennel. She became the promoter of our Waawanyanka line.

And so the third dog, we have multiplied by six years later, was one of her puppies. BOOJAHEELA WAAWANYANKA. We suspected her from the date of Voodoo's mating and knew about her 32 days later. Then she was along with her siblings, confirmed by ultrasound check. We watched her coming out her mother's belly into the World. We watched her growing along with the other puppies. And the same story rehearsed. We did not chose her although we were in the position of keeping any puppy we wanted. Again, we let something called the sixth sense, instinct, destiny or whatever, intervene in. In short, the one who seemed most interested in us, remained.

Animal Kingdom took us into its toils as a giant underwear. There are moles (which we do not chose), mice (which we do not chose at all) swallows, which keep having their nest under our roof, cats, when they wonder off, five-legged spider and the occasional swarm of bees, living with us. If we add to this the plaster goose, that also has a leg less and is from the left side supported by cedar, we can not complain on the absence of company. Yet, we are neither stars shepherds, nor guardians of last grains of sand in the desert of ancient customs. We are just the ones, who have fallen under the spell of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Those, who seek in him what they can not find in themselves - artlessness, devotion and loyalty.

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