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DALAJLAMA WAAWANYANKA SUCCEEDED IN GERMANY! He did great on the International Dog Show in Leipzig and is just two steps away from the title of German Champion. Congratulations, Dali :-) Watch right here

DUMANU WAAWANYANKA made a bonitation exame with a great result. The final code is As Og P1. What a great achievement. Congratulations and thank you, Lucie!

February 2016
WAAWANYANKA is time to time taking an amazing walk or trip to walk. Each one of them is special to us. And to remember. Be a
part of it RIGHT HERE

DALAJLAMA succeeded in "bonitation test" and from now on is to breed with. It is a huge celebrating moment, because of no
fruther preparation for this occasion. The result reflects in our tribute payed to Dali. We are on our knees, taking a bow to you
feet, Dali. Bag your pardon, to your paws!

We would like to announce that Waawanyanka noticed another great success. At the International dog show in Erfurt. DALAJLAMA
got CAC and Anw Dt. Ch. VDH. And at the National dog show in Ertuft the same, CAC and Anw Dt. Ch. VDH. Thank you very much!

We would like to announce with joy and pleasure that Waawanyanka noticed another great success.
This time at the International dog show in Berlin Booja got CAC, CACIB and Dalajalama got CAJC.
Thank you our beloved Wolfdoggies. We will never stop being proud of you.

With pleasure and pride we would like to inform you that CALTOO joined CARA MELA with the excellent result of passing the
breeding exam as well as hips and elbows X-rays A (0/0). Congratulations and thank you!
We keep the fotogalery actualized.
Check it out here.

After our "puppy break" in the summer, while our Booja gave birth to 9 puppies , which is to find in our gallery:
https://picasaweb.google.com/104952085109446334553, we would like to proudly announce, that CALTOO WAAWANYANKA
made it through the bonitation. The final reset code is the best we could imagine, A67,5 Of P1, and he is available to kind
female dogs awaiting:)

Barbu Cha Waawanyanka gave birth to 7 puppies on November 8th 2011.
The father of them is Hitt spod Ďumbiera.
Congratulations and thank you, Yago, for a fantastic approach.

Our "girls" made another excellent show results to leave us
breathless. They ended up 1th in theirs classes at the National and
International Dog Show in Stuttgart, Germany, in November 5th and
6th, plus achieved CAC title. And more, on Sunday, Voodoo was even
2nd among all veterans in the finale parade and Boojaheela became
CAC, CACIB and BOB. Thank you, girls!!! We will never stop being
proud on you.

Our wolfdogs showed themselves to stun the judges:) on the National and International Show in Leipzig, Germany in August 20st
and 21th 2011 and succeeded with honour. Voodoo got Excellent 1 and Excellent 1, the Best Veteran. Booja got Excellent 1, CAC
and Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB. Thank you very much, girls:)

going to be a surprise;) website translation into English and Dutch

added external gallery and breed standard

the first version of our new site:)

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